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Vespas in Greek Islands

                                            click foto to view large

Nice spot by Andrew Vella taken last August of this pair of smallframe vespas

... Un Vespaio a Berbenno

... Un Vespaio a Berbenno #04

Nice shot by C-Smooth (Stefano Cabello) last June, a couple more shots here


vespa alcalde santa eugenia

Superb shot from David Barranca taken in municipality of Santa Eugenia, Mallorca - great atmosphere, sense of movement and composition... love this !!

Porsche 911T

Porsche 911T

Is there seriously a better or cooler looking car than this....

Spotted during lunch hour just now, walking around South Kensington. Have shot this lovely 1968 Targa before, could happily shoot it all day with my film camera.

Full album here this shot is also featured in my cars album

vespa notte

vespa night manoeuvres

Garage shot taken of my scoot late last night, full GT160 album here

Crusty GS150

The Crusty Vespa GS150 photoshoot by:

Love this '61 GS, great character! Restored scooters are all well and good, they look lovely but I'd take this over a resto..

This shot is featured on the Flickr photostream of Green Tree Scooters but was taken by Creative Images by Allison, check out the full album by Allison here

Green Tree Scooters are Vintage Vespa Restoration Specialists based in Mason City, Iowa, USA. I've known of them for a couple of years now and they turn out some great scooters.

Vespa dans son décor

Vespa dans son décor

Vieux Nice - Été 2014
by Leica M type 240 with Leica Summarit-M 35mm f/2.5

Another lovely shot from Jack in Paris taken in Nice, see Jack's previous post from earlier in the week


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