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book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link -

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VVC Spring 2018 Journal - arriving soon..

Just putting the finishing touches to the Veteran Vespa Club's Spring 2018 Journal and my first outing as new editor of the long running VVC quarterly club magazine.

In issue No.74 of the VVC JOURNAL you can expect some great reading on classic Vespa scootering on far away (and not so far away) shores, a chat with an illustrious scooter friend, update on the VVC's upcoming 2018 events and of course some great photography... naturally!


The first Journal of 2018 will be printed at the end of January and sent out to club members shortly afterwards. To get your hands on a copy, if you're not already, you will need to register as a VVC member. With solo annual membership starting at only £15 this represents pretty good value - even if you can't get to any of the club's three annual events, you will still receive the club's quality magazine four times a year, as well as access to the members pages on the VVC website and Facebook page. Subscribe online to Veteran Vespa Club membership here

Vespa Rally 200 - Flying 15 BBQ


Great shot of this lovely black Rally taken by Film&PhotoArchivist in Kendall, Portland, Oregon, United States.


2017 Vespa GTS 300 Sei Giorni | ScooterLab UK - ROAD TEST

I read Andy Gillard's interesting feature on the original Vespa 6-day racer in issue 4 of ScooterNova magazine a while ago but only recently read Andy's road test on the new Vespa GTS 300 Sei Giorni for SLUK which you can read on the ScooterLab UK site here

To discover more on the parentage of the new GTS and the original Sei Giorni racer it is directly descended from, check out ScooterNova issue 4 which you can order on back issue here

Museo Piaggio
Original 6-Day Racer I photographed on recent visit to Museo Piaggio

Scooteristen magazine No.101

A very nice new year arrival in my letterbox..

.. just love this cover shot of Katarina Karlsson on her lovely 1964 Steve McQueen themed Lambretta TV175, photographed by Rizwan Wikholm.

To subscribe to Scooteristen you first need to become a member of Svenska Scooterklubben, entitling you to receive their quarterly published club magazine - subscribe here

The mag is written solely in Swedish and I guess it could benefit from being written additionally in English alongside the Swedish texts.. however it is the magazine of Svenska Scooterklubben and maybe they're happy keeping things small scale and reasonably local, which I can relate to. I notice French scooter magazine Scooters & Style is now written in English, as well as their native French, which wasn't always the case. Applying this to Scooteristen would no doubt mean an increased page count and associated costs which all add up. I recently downloaded on my phone a photo text translation app which works well. The resulting Swedish to English translation wasn't what could be described as the "Queen's English" but it was definitely passable, allowing me to read Scooteristen.

Tack så mycket or thanks very much to editor Micke Nilson; I always appreciate getting a copy of the excellent Scooteristen magazine ; )


Motorliebe - Auf der Vespa durch Island

New Year's Resolution... do more of this!

Would absolutely love to ride around Iceland on my vespa but may have to make do instead with a round trip/ride to Belfast for World Vespa Days in 2018..

Inspirational vid from German vespanauts at Motorliebe, a book of their Iceland vespa tour is available to buy here

Flat out on the Casa Performance SSR 250 | SLUK FEATURE

I really enjoyed Iggy Grainger's excellent SLUK feature on this madman 100mph+ Lambretta - great writing, photos & onboard vid, read the article in full - here

SIP Open Day 2018 - Saturday, May 5

The SIP Scootershop 2018 Open Day is due to be held on Saturday May 5 with the following programme...

Wood fired pizza from the Pizza Ape
Food and drinks available from SIPERIA bar cafe
Vintage scooters for sale, used parts market
Free Dynojet runs throughout the day
Photowall for all visitors
Vinyl Tunes by DJ Leo Ernst (Atomic Cafe Munich)

Link to SIP Open Day 2018 FB event page - here

Vid of SIP Open Day 2016 below..



My 9yr old is currently mad into Dreamworks' Trollhunters animated series; having just watched the new, entire second series in about three afternoons! I am quite partial to it too; the story line is good; not surprising really when you learn the series was created for Netflix by Guillermo del Toro of Pan's Labyrinth & Hellboy fame...

Anyhow, what grabbed my attention more so was that Jim, the young Trollhunter hero builds and subsequently rides around on a Vespa GS150 after initially lusting after a Vespa GTS..

A nice touch I thought that Piaggio's finest features strongly in a contemporary childrens' series; giving a bit of 'street cred' to the classic Vespa GS, as well as its modern day GTS successor - I'm guessing Guillermo is a vespa fan...!

Trollhunters series 1 Netflix trailer below..

Trollhunters official website  - here


Xmas Scalextric

Xmas is always the perfect excuse for getting out the Scalextric set...  I have a small collection of cars but can't get enough of these Lombard RAC Rally liveried MK1 Ford Escorts.

The below Jaguar E Type and Porsche Spyder look very cool but the magnets they have are really strong, meaning they are literally glued to the track! The MK1 Escorts less so, making them much more fun to race and allowing you to get your 'drift' technique going on the esses and chicanes.

Seeing these repeatedly circumnavigate the track reminds me a bit of French photographer, Laurent Nivalle's superb photography taken at the Le Mans Classic - see here


Merry Xmas - Buon Natale - Fröhliche Weihnachten - Feliz Navidad - Joyeux Noel - Selamat Natal - メリークリスマス! - Vrolijk Kerstfeest - God Jul - счастливого Рождества - 聖誕節快樂 !!

Snow go..

Merry Xmas one and all.. festive greetings accompanied by a photo I took of my scoot earlier in December, when much of the UK was blanketed in snow.

Happy Holidays to everyone, wherever you are in the world and here's hoping for some peace, love and happiness in 2018 and of course sun and decent weather for scooter riding!!

Thanks to you all for your support and checking in here from time to time.

Cheers - Paul (vespamore photography)


ScooterNova magazine - Issue 5

The next edition of ScooterNova magazine has been despatched to the printers and will be out this week, just in time for Christmas: you can order your copy via link  - here

Photo: Scooternova Magazine


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