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In the Frame

@maskesvespaklassiekers winding down with a Jupiler after Maskes classic vespa rally - 19.9.15 #vespamore #vespa

Have been meaning to frame my stempelkaart (stamp card) and rally flyer since returning from Maskes' first classic vespa rally back in 2015, it's only taken a year or so but got there eventually...




Vespa grise

Vespa grise

Nice vespa and nice shot taken in Lyon, France by Franek N - looks like it may be a Spanish 150S running a P-Range engine. Like the stripped back to metal look, burgundy seat and of course The Wanderers sticker...!

Merci for sharing Franek ; )

Red GS


Beautiful shots of this GS150 by Ian Scott Mullen, see previous post also ...





Lovely detail shot by Ian Scott Mullen over in Portland, Oregon, United States.

Snow has just started falling here in the UK this afternoon but doubt it will settle as pictured above in Oregon..

Thanks for sharing Ian ; )

Check out more of Ian's photography here -


"After 60 years of oblivion, Rodaggio Film is proud to announce the comeback of "I fidanzati della morte", by Romolo Marcellini. A two year long research to recover and bring back the movie which tells a tale of passion and rivalry in the 50s motorcycle racing crazy world. Follow us on our Facebook page to know all about the film restoration project and its new release on dvd and vod!"

'50s Vespa style

So long POTUS..

Love this shot from previous post here - like the text on the Obama poster.

Sad to see Barrack Obama leave office; felt he was a great advert for the United States. Despite what side of the fence you sit on politically,  I don't think anyone can say he isn't an honourable man with good intentions and always strived to use his position for good in the world.

Compared to the two previous incumbents who brought with them their fair share of scandal and unintended comedy, Obama held office with the right amount of deference, dignity and respect. I for one will miss him and reckon the US and world at large are worse off without him - certainly interesting times ahead for us all with Mr T .....


SAIGON 1969 - Nguyen Hue Blvd

Photo by David Stromberger

Saigon USO Club on left just behind white car


Vespa, époque indéterminée.

Vespa, époque indéterminée.

Great shot taken by Diego Fernandez in Aix en Provence, France - as his title suggests, it's difficult to date this shot due to Diego's careful framing and lack of modern references. 

Nicely done Diego, thanks for sharing ; )

City porter

click foto to view large

Another really nice shot by Paolo Coccia taken in Rome's Campo de' Fiori where you will often see folk trading from the back of an Ape - Paolo's previous post here


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