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An Awfully Pleasant scooter weekend

Some great shots taken by the ScooterNova team when they recently took part in 'An Awfully Pleasant scooter weekend' - see their full album and blog report here

Don't forget issue 2 of ScooterNova magazine will be published tomorrow on 30th June, buy your copy online or subscribe  - here

NI registered GS

Rod Gillan sent me these shots of his newly acquired, restored GS150 VS5, one of very few, if not the only one originally registered in Northern Ireland. Rod is intending to show it at next year's World Vespa Days which will be staged in Belfast, see link to WVD 2018 website here

The GS was also reunited with its original screen which was bought in 1962 along with the vespa in Ballymoney, N.Ireland.


click foto to view large

LOvely shot taken by Petra Cofone in Italia, who allowed me to feature it here on vespamore - mille grazie Petra ; )




As well as running his own vespa parts business in his native Japan, Ugajin Tohru is also extremely adept and very talented with a camera in his hands, as this lovely shot demonstrates..

I've featured Uga's excellent photography on vespamore before, see more of his work here

If you're in need of any classic vespa parts, check out Ugajin's website here -

ScooterNova issue 2 – order now!

Now in the hands of the printers, much anticipated issue 2 of new scooter magazine, ScooterNova is about to land on your doormat, next week in fact - that is for those of you that have already subscribed. Included in the second installment of this refreshing new publication is I'm pleased to say, my SIP Scootershop open day report from early May, complete with  some of the 35mm film fotos I took while there..

If you haven't already subscribed to ScooterNova magazine, you can do so here

The second issue will also be available to buy at the upcoming BSRA Cleethorpes national scooter rally (7th-9th July) as well as at selected scooter shops, a list of which is shown here

SCOOTERLAB Vespa Douglas 152L2 – rescued and resurrected

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Glastonbury isn't the only major event taking place this weekend; World Vespa Days in Celle, Germany is also happening Friday-Sunday. I have a German friend at Celle taking some fotos on my behalf who will hopefully write a few words for vespamore on what he got up to at WVD - to follow soon..

In the meantime, Iggy Grainger, co-creator of SCOOTERLAB.UK has been sweating on getting his 'mothballed' Douglas 152L2 ready and roadworthy to ride from England to Celle. Iggy, and fellow SLUK creator, Sticky (Martin Round), have between them a great writing style with an amusing sense of irony, with dark humour and wit thrown in for good measure. This makes for some entertaining and engaging reading, coupled with their vastly extensive scooter knowledge. I've been keenly following Iggy's 152L2 project and look forward to see how he got on in Germany and if indeed he makes it there and back on his resurrected vespa...

You can read all about Iggy's project on SLUK which is in three installments - part one, part two and part three

Once finished, you can always catch up on the latest Glastonbury highlights here ...

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Vespa VB1T - Disegno Bellissimo


Stunning newly restored 1957 Vespa VB1T by London Scooter Bodyshop and Retrospective Scooters.

I saw this a few months ago when it was a while away from being finished and on returning to Retropsective and LSB a week or so ago, saw that it was completed. The quality of finishing, paint, attention to detail etc is something to behold...

I love the design of these '50s vespas, check out that gorgeous uninterrupted curve from under the seat to where it ends, behind the number plate - just lovely!! Also the bottom line of the engine cowl; the way it rises and falls in a long sinuous curve.. I've always liked the Faro Basso models with the front fender mounted headlight and also the VB1T as above, with the enclosed handlebars and headlight up high. I'm less keen on the in-between 'Struzzo' models with the exposed handlebars and headlight up above like here - small details you may think but they all add up; funny how your tastes change and evolve too. I think I prefer the Faro Basso and VB1T to say a GS150; the earlier '50s models are for me, eminently more elegant and purer in design than the late '50s 'new' vespa, with the shell in two halves and welded central seam. There are so many pleasing things here to look at and consider - the alloy fender crest, toothed front hub, deep curved kickstart, rear rack, headlight profile, longer louvred ellipse cooling the engine, that lovely engine panel rounded curve, which comes in towards the chassis and when viewed from behind, the asymmetry of the engine and toolbox panels, compared to the more uniform looking panels of the later seamed vespas, which also have the raised hump under the seat, breaking that lovely curve I mentioned earlier. The word "icon" is bandied around with increased regularity these days but for me and when looking at this vespa, it really is a design icon in the true sense of the word.

This is currently for sale at Retrospective Scooters for £7950.00 which many of you may think is extortionate but when you realise and understand what goes into restoring such a vespa, you may think twice. If I had that money spare, I would have bought this already.

Check out the other 35mm film shots I took of this VB1T here


ScooterNova issue 2 – good things come to those that wait…

Issue 2 of ScooterNova magazine is due to be launched at the end of June, keep an eye out for it or better still, subscribe or order your copy online here

More details about issue 2 here

little red v.

click foto to view large

LOvely shot taken by Zimthiger in Berlin, thanks for sharing ; )


vespamore sticker

vespamore logo sticker - black text on clear vinyl now available to order for your scooter, fridge door, car window etc..

Priced at £3.50 including worldwide postage, secure payments via PayPal, see link - here


US spec. Vespa SS180


I took this the other week at Retrospective Scooters in London - an original paint SS180 just imported from the United States with US specification tail light, I thought the indicators had been removed at some point but Retrospective reckon not all US models came with these fitted..

Very nice overall condition, see the full album of 35mm film shots I took here



Great portrait shot taken by Belgian, Simon Peeters, check out more of Simon's photography here

Thanks for sharing Simon ; )


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