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book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link -

RETROSPECTIVE CYCLES book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link - here

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The 2018 SIP Scootershop open day | SLUK FEATURE

Photo: © Paul Hart/vespamore photography

My previous weekend was spent at the excellent 2018 SIP Open Day - check out the report I wrote for SLUK (ScooterLabUK) and photo gallery (all shot on 35mm film) - here

The full album including a handful of iPhone shots can be seen on my Flickr page - here

Photo: © Paul Hart/vespamore photography


Importing, registering and tuning an Eibar Lambretta – Part 1 | SLUK Feature

Great article by Iggy Grainger on this Eibar Lambretta Series 2 he recently imported from Spain, read the full story on the ScooterLabUK (SLUK) website here

Looking forward to reading Part 2...


SIP Open Day 2018

SIP Open Day 2018

At SIP Scootershop Open Day (Saturday May 5th), pictured with talented photographer and friend, Ralf Kuehn.

Photos and report to follow soon..


Clubman photos for ScooterNova issue 6


Photo: © Paul Hart/vespamore photography - all rights reserved

Now that issue 7 of ScooterNova magazine has been published, I can show the full album of 35mm film shots I took of this lovely restored Douglas Vespa Clubman for the previous issue of ScooterNova.

Issue 6 is still available to buy, where you can read the story behind this classic ride alongside my photos and some very nice period Douglas advertising literature - see link here to purchase ScooterNova current and back issues.

Check out the full album of shots I took here as well as my 'best of' Vespa album here


Vespa Custom "ESC Project" for SIP Scootershop


Received a nice email from the lovely folk at SIP last week telling me all about their recently finished Vespa Custom ESC Project built for them by St Petersburg based outfit, Butcher Garage...

"Here at BUTCHER GARAGE, we have been SIP Scootershop customers since day one. It is no secret, that in Russia, it is often not easy to get hold of things - however for Vespa parts, SIP Scootershop makes life very easy for us. We call the almost 1000 page SIP catalogue "the Bible" in our workshop, only half joking.

Due to this long and close collaboration, it was always our dream to work together on a custom project. At the moment, we particularly like "scrambler" modifications, which are also a big trend in the motorbike sector. Every motorbike manufacturer now has a scrambler model in the portfolio. We started to investigate whether such a modification would be possible with a classic Vespa.."

BG_Esc_12-04-17 (9)


You can read the full story of this special build on the SIP blog here and view their full photo album here I see also that ScooterNova magazine issue 7 (published today) features an in depth lowdown on the scrambler as you can see below..

Photo: © ScooterNova magazine


SIP have even commissioned a special T-shirt to mark their ESC scooter which is available to buy in their online store here

I'll be visiting SIP Scootershop for their upcoming open day on Saturday May 5th in Landsberg, Bavaria, where the Vespa Custom ESC Project will be on display - looking forward to getting a closer look and some photos of course..

Scooter rarities

When visiting Bicester Heritage last Sunday for their Sunday Scramble, see previous post I spotted this pair of rare Skootamotas. An early scooter built as I understand by Gilbert Campling Ltd and sold/advertised as the ABC Skootamota, eventually ceasing production in 1922.

The Skootamota would struggle on today's roads with a top speed of 15mph/24kmh but 100 years ago in the early 20th Century was probably a fun and pleasantly sedate form of transport for the quieter roads of the time in the UK and the much reduced volume of traffic than we have now.

Also on display and pictured below were a pair of French manufactured Velosolex mopeds or Solex as they were more commonly known and mass produced between 1946 - 1988. These used the concept of a motor with roller resting on the front wheel of a bicycle and were very popular with school children, students and factory workers due to them being light and very economical to run.

All in all a great day out and interesting to stumble upon these unusual beasts..


VVC Journal No.75 - summer 2018

VVC Journal No.75 - summer 2018

Currently at the printer and being sent out to club members next week - my second edition as VVC Journal editor.

With design and layout by David Hardy and including some excellent contributions from friends at SIP Scootershop, Hola Vespa and a chat with esteemed scooter journalist and editor/publisher of ScooterNova magazine - Andy Gillard

To subscribe and receive your annual four VVC Journal copies, sign up for Veteran Vespa Club membership (solo member fee £15)  - here

Even if you don't attend any club events or reside overseas; you will receive your four quarterly published Journal issues - each crammed full of good photography and interesting features. Not bad considering that works out at only £3.75 per copy...


Retrospective Scooters / The London Scooter Bodyshop Open Day - 21.4.18


Spent Saturday at Retrospective's & The London Scooter Bodyshop's joint open day. Blessed with sunny late April weather; the sun attracted riders and visitors alike...



There were some tasty scoots in attendance; those catching my eye and camera lens being some very nice original paint series 1,2 & 3 Lambrettas, as well as the above Vega and this lovely Piaggio pair below...


..also some excellent food & drink offerings with the next door Wildcard Brewery providing craft beers, along with jerk chicken, BBQ pork and decent coffee being available, ensured it all added up to a great day out - thanks to Niall & Dave and everyone else involved with organising the open day ; )


Check out the other 35mm film shots I took here plus a couple of iPhone shots.

Sunday Scramble

Sunday Scramble

Visited Bicester Heritage on the weekend for their 'Sunday Scramble' which was complemented by the good weather and subsequent healthy turn out of classics and visitors. There were a few of the usual suspects you see at this kind of event - Jaguar E-Types, Aston Martins, Austin Healeys but also some pretty rare attendees..

Sunday Scramble

I purposefully didn't take my film camera along but couldn't resist snapping away with my iPhone. Of the less familiar sights there which caught my attention this lovely example above now operating as a tea van was very pleasing to look at and was nice to see an autobahn eating 3 litre Opel Monza.. but my fave spot of the day had to be this beautiful Zagato styled Lancia Fulvia...

Sunday Scramble

You can see the rest of the phone shots I took here and see the 35mm film shots I took at the Spring 2016 Sunday Scramble here

Yellow helmet

Yellow helmet

Photo: © Brian George - All rights reserved. 

Nikon D610 with Nikkor 50mm F1.4 AI

Great shot taken by Brian George in Milan - love how the helmet jumps out..

Thanks for sharing Brian ; )

Check out videographer Brian's FB page - here


PK50 blau


Great shot of this blue Vespa PK50 (I believe), taken by Knut Burmeister alongside a weir/dam in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany..

Danke for sharing Knut ; )


SIP Flagship Store Landsberg - Tour

Am definitely looking forward to re-visiting SIP Scootershop for their annual open day this year being held on Saturday May 5th.

Have just noticed they have recorded a short film/tour of their new HQ in Landsberg, Bavaria.


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