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Brompton vespa

Saw this Vespa Sprint in London's Brompton district recently and naturally had to take a foto - waited a few seconds to get the obligatory London bus in shot which makes for a nice splash of red too..

PIRELLI per lo scooter

Love this Pirelli ad, had to frame this and put it up in the kitchen!


Cheers Andy !!

March 2014 Scootering

Those of you who call by here from time to time probably also buy Scootering Magazine occasionally, like me, others being more regular readers and subscribers to the mag,

Andy Gillard has worked with Scootering since 1997 and was made editor of the world's most popular read for scooterists in 2003. I was saddened but not wholly surprised to hear recently that Andy had stepped down as editor at the beginning of the year in January. The writing possibly was on the wall when publishing group Mortons took over Scootering and Classic Scooterist Scene a few years ago.

Scootering is a very mixed bag - restos, shabby chic, street racers, cutdowns, customs, choppers, autos, Vespa, Lambretta, Psychobilly, Mod, Skinhead etc,,, For me, not everything about the scene appeals but I've always believed and lived by the mantra, "live and let live". This is a belief held firm by Andy Gillard too. I always liked and respected that he kept a very open mind with his opinions and journalism, often in the face of some pretty narrow minded viewpoints. Scootering under Andy's editorship always encompassed many tastes and styles - providing something for everyone. My favourite gems were usually the stories and reports of travelling by scooter and far flung adventures across Europe and various parts of the globe, The creation of 'Dreadnought' for The Cannonball Run was also another fave. Stories, reports, reviews, Feedback page replies and so on were delivered professionally but always with a refreshing dose of self-depreciating humour, wit and sometimes irony, particularly by Andy and Martin 'Sticky' Round. I for one and many others, I know will miss the entertainment value provided by Andy Gillard's Scootering Magazine.

I can't claim to know Andy well but have met him a couple of times, once when he came to the launch of my Retrospective Scooters book with his other half Ann when I'd invited him. He'd been suffering with a heavy cold earlier that week but still made the effort and came out in support of the project, coming up from Essex to the Hackney pub hosting the launch. I've also had correspondence with Andy in recent years when he put my fotos of 'Luigi', an original paint dealer special GS150 VS4 on Scootering's front cover and more recently printed my 35mm film shots and report of my trip to Maskes Vespa Klassiekers in Holland last September, My proudest Scootering moments were probably winning the 'least crap snap' with a shot taken by my wife of me on the GL150 I owned at the time in 2006. Also having the shots of a very tidy custom VBB150 make it in to the mag as one of the feature scooters was definitely a highpoint, given I'd taken them on 35mm film.

GL150 shoot 

Anyway, I'd like to place on record a massive thanks to Andy Gillard for his great work during his many years at Scootering, I hear he is currently working on a book project but wouldn't be surprised if before too long he is heading up another scooter mag.

You can keep up to date with Andy here -


Plymouth Duster

Plymouth Duster

Very cool Plymouth Duster spotted as I rode past Frank & Jake's garage in Northchurch today, see previous post.

Ford Fairlane

Ford Fairlane

Ford Fairlane

Frank & Jake's garage in Northchurch, Hertfordshire is set back off the main road that runs through the village. I usually sneak a quick look up their driveway as I go past and was glad I did today, as I spotted a very cool yellow Plymouth Duster, see next post. Behind the Duster was this classic Ford Fairlane 500.

These shots were taken on iPhone 5 but I did shoot this Plymouth Belvedere at Frank & Jake's on 35mm film back in 2009.

Frank & Jake's garage FB page - here


Out of hibernaion

Out of hibernation - shamefully not ridden the Vespa since returning from Maskes Vespa Klassiekers' September rally, dropped off today for overhaul, service & MOT

Grand Opening

Retrospective Scooters are moving.. 

"Come join us for beers, burgers and hotdogs as we celebrate or move to our bigger and better premises in Walthamstow."

Saturday 16th April, 2.00 - 6.00pm.

SIP Open Day XL 2016

S.I.P. Scootershop have moved and are celebrating with an XL open day on Saturday 7th May, see link here

You can also check out their FB event page here 




Taken outside Scooterworks' Enid Street arch. This is a GL150; until a couple of years it was one of owner Craig's more unusual finds and appeared to be an original example of 1960s customising with a slightly mad fender/mudguard and set of panels, the fender can be seen in older post here

Tango Coffee

Tango Coffee

Tango Coffee

Tango Coffee 

Tango Coffee's Ape outside Kensal Green Tube station in early February - nice guy, nice coffee!

Tango Coffee on Instagram -

Mad Max vibe

Mad Max vibe Triumph

Another nice bike find, this time a Triumph seen near Chalk Farm in late January.

Deep Throater

'Deep Throater'

'Deep Throater' 

Cool Beemer I spotted outside a Hoxton restaurant, the owner came out thinking I was a traffic warden photographing his wheels to give him a ticket. An easy mistake when someone is getting up close like I was, he softened when he realised I was admiring his bike and didn't object to me snapping it - liking the moniker he bestowed too!


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