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RETROSPECTIVE CYCLES book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link - here

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RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS book (2nd Edition) by vespamore photography

Film shot I took last weekend; this 1955 Vespa GS150 is a Douglas of Bristol assembled first series VS1, belonging to a collection of old vespas I photographed for the second edition of my RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS book.

The second edition will include approx 100 new, unseen shots I've taken of classic Vespas. Comprised of three 'chapters':

1 - 'Retrospective Scooters' (new & old shots taken at the North London dealer's new & former premises, some of which featured in the first edition),

2 - 'Collections' (all new shots taken of two separate Vespa collections, giving an intriguing insight into the compulsive yet fascinating world of Vespa collectors).

3 - 'Scooters' (all new feature shots of well chosen individual vespas).

Vespas featured in the new book include, at least three Douglas Rod models, two GS160 MK1 (one in original paint supplied by Eddie Grimstead), three 90SS (one still in its original blue pavone paint, supplied by Arthur Francis) three SS180, two GS150 VS1, GS150 VS2, Douglas 92L2 and Motovespa GT160.

The large majority of featured Vespas are very original with many still in their factory paint. The second installment is very different from the first book with multiple new images to see for those who bought the first book and of course those who didn't. All the new images are being kept under wraps and will not be posted on the web; available only to view in the book to maintain exclusivity. The above image is for promotion only and will not feature in the book.

I have one more Vespa photoshoot to do this coming weekend and that should be all the new fotos completed with the second edition due for publication late April 2014.

The second edition of RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS (every photograph captured on 35mm film) can be pre-ordered via link - here


  1. Anonymous21.3.14

    A verygood read...excellent Photos!!from east London scooter Club Paul conway presidenti



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