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Vyatka (Вятка) - restored by Retrospective Scooters & The London Scooter Bodyshop


Not an everyday scooter this.. and nice to see one up close. The only other Vyatka VP-150 I've seen belongs to Russian friend Stas, who brought his over to London World Vespa Days in 2012 from his home in St Petersburg..


Back in the 1950s the story goes that a Piaggio Vespa GS150 VS1 was procured by the Vyatskie Polyany Machine Building Plant. It was stripped down and meticulously examined before the company eventually came up with their own version which became the Vyatka or Вятка. Piaggio attempted to enforce their copyrights and patents at the time but to no avail, with their protestations falling on deaf ears and the Russians claiming theirs was an 'original' design...


The above example still has its original engine; similar to Piaggio's wide mount engines but in the absence of Vyatka parts has had a Piaggio crank and piston added. Other retained components include the engine casings, gearbox, barrel, kickstart and internal kickstart mechanism, while a Dellorto carburettor has been added with vespatronic 12V ignition. The rear rack is not original and was commissioned by the owner, as was the seat which is a tad over padded (again at owner's request); a shame as it does detract somewhat from the overall look..

Retrospective have worked their usual magic in getting the scooter mechanically A1 and Dave Maher of The London Scooter Bodyshop, has finished it off perfectly with his renown painting skills. There are some interesting details on the Vyatka which differ to a GS - these can be seen in the full album of film shots I took here


Russian Vyatka (Вятка) scooter restored and painted by Retrospective Scooters and The London Scooter Bodyshop.           

Photographed mid-September 2017 with my Olympus OM-2N on 35mm Fuji Superia film



Front view of this lovely Motovespa & sidecar combo taken by keko click in Guadalajara, España

See previous post here




Great shot taken by keko click in Guadalajara, España - you don't often see many good vespa/sidecar photographs..

Thanks for sharing ; )


Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor - 1954



While collecting my scoot this morning from Retrospective Scooters I used up the last frames of my current film on this Russian Vyatka.

More to follow on this shortly...

Vespa upgrades

Finally back on the road proper today - got back from holiday a couple of weeks ago and then dropped scoot into Retrospective Scooters for a service and once over. This turned into a slightly larger than expected project as the barrel and piston were badly worn with black scorch marks on the piston; a re-bored top end was required along with grippier tyres for the upcoming wet weather and a much needed new exhaust, as my 4-year + SIP Road pipe had already been patched up, after friend Warren had welded it back together for me.

Now fitted with an upgraded SIP Road 2.0 - an excellent pipe as I know from experience, nicely made and a great fit onto the barrel according to the Retrospective guys. I also treated the scoot to a new SIP Performance front shock absorber, which makes a big difference to the ride quality. More details on front shock on SIP website here and front spring here


Veteran Vespa Club - Milton Keynes riding event


I briefly called in to the VVC's Milton Keynes riding weekend event on Sunday morning. I wasn't taking part properly as my scoot is currently laid up getting a service, so called by on four wheels instead of two.

I was also there to get a few photos of a GS that I'll be featuring in the VVC JOURNAL soon..

You can view the handful of film shots I took on my Olympus OM-2N camera here



From beginning of 2018 I'll be taking on editing the Veteran Vespa Club Journal - the club's magazine for VVC members which is published four times a year..


VVC display at London World Vespa Days 2012

I've been a VVC member since 2006 and have occasionally contributed to the quarterly Journal - the first page of my London World Vespa Days report shown above, with photos I've taken at various events over the last eleven years shown below...

VVC Wakefield rally - July/August 2010

VVC Wakefield event 2010


VVC 3-Gear Day, Surrey 2016

GS150 VS4

VVC Painswick event 2009


VVC Canterbury event 2013


VVC 3-Gear Day, Surrey 2016

paul's derby vespa 007

My VBB150 - Brecon Beacons, Wales en route to VVC Derby event 2006

VVC Tring rally - June 2010

VVC Tring event 2010


Hayley at the VVC 3-Gear Day, Surrey 2016


Weymouth stop-off, VVC Swanage event 2014

VVC Swanage rally

Me on my GT160, VVC Swanage event 2014

I'll be looking to place more emphasis on quality photography for the Journal; from those contributors sending in images, as well as including a few of my own shots from time to time.

I would also like to open the Journal up and include more articles and European/US/Far East rally reports from the club's worldwide members, rather than just those resident in the UK. 

I would also say I am keen to extend this to non-VVC members - so if you have an interesting feature or article in mind for the Journal concerning classic geared vespas, or nicely composed quality images (ideally no smaller than 1MB), then please get in touch and email me at  The Veteran Vespa Club or I can't offer any financial incentive for contributions to the Journal I'm afraid but hopefully the incentive of having your article and/or photographs in print may be encouragement enough. On a personal level, I would like to read a good looking, interesting, relevant and current magazine about classic vespas, regardless of whether contributions are from VVC members or non-members..

Having said that, only £15.00 for individual VVC membership gives you access to: usually 3 club events per year, quarterly published Journal, discounts with agreed dealers and insurance, automatic membership of the British Motorcycle Federation, providing you with benefits available to members of an affiliated club, access to VVC Members Facebook page, access to members section of VVC website, providing historical and technical information on classic, vintage vespas and not to mention fellowship with others who share a common interest in classic vespas..

... and whether you reside in Osaka, Cape Town, St Petersburg, Jakarta, Munich, Nice, Taiwan, Vancouver, San Diego, Sao Paulo, Perth, or wherever else in the world, you can still sign up as a member, receive your four VVC Journal copies each year as well as all the online benefits described above. For more on the Veteran Vespa Club check out their website here and sign up for membership here

Portobello Road

My '69 Sprint Veloce at Portobello Road market, London 2011


Collecting Auro's Douglas Rod Model, Coventry 2016


New SIP Vespa Wideframe Catalogue now available

SIP Scootershop have just launched their new catalogue of accessories, tuning and spare parts for wideframe vespas...

"Wideframe Vespas are more popular than ever before. Those in the small but vibrant wideframe scene using their 'old ladies', usually find their engines are too weak for today's traffic.

We have put together a great selection of the best parts available for wideframe vespas, from PINASCO, POLINI, MALOSSI, BOLLAG, SIP and others now making it very easy to order the right parts and improve the performance of these 1950s vespas.

The 52 page catalogue in English language will be printed at the end of September and can be ordered now."

SIP shoplink to Wideframe Vespa Catalogue here -


Original paint Vespa GS150 VS5


Yes, it's another film shot I've taken of a GS... although this is a particularly lovely VS5 still dressed in its original paint, from when it left Piaggio's Pontedera factory.

Just check out those gorgeous curves.. I think this is my favourite or definitely one of my favourite viewpoints when looking over a GS150 - something you tend to think about a fair bit when you've spent as much time photographing them as I have. It is a thing of beauty and still has the ability to stop you in your tracks after all these years.

This example I don't think has much backstory but I liked it's tax disc, modified exhaust and retro fitted, foot operated air horns which the owner asked Retrospective Scooters to fit.

See the album of 35mm film shots I took in full here 

You can also see the stunning Andre Baldet styled GS150 I photographed, which was recently completed by Retrospective Scooters and The London Scooter Bodyshop by following link here it is also featured in just published Issue 3 of ScooterNova magazine

Agfa APX 400: Street

Agfa APX 400
Expired unkown
Leica iiif + Summitar 5cm f2
1:1, 8.5 mins
Canoscan 9000f scanner

Nice film shot shared by Leon Lee, taken in Kampung Jawa, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia - thanks very much for sharing Leon ; )

See more of Leon's photography here


Isle of Wight Scooter Rally (BSRA - VFM) 2017 - SIP Scootershop report


I didn't get to this year's Isle of Wight scooter rally; I could see the island though over the course of the August bank holiday weekend, as I was on a week long family camping trip staying at Acton Field, just outside of Swanage. I was tempted to get across the water but was having too good a time in the amazing weather we had - the film photos I took on Dorset's beautiful Isle of Purbeck can be viewed - here

Luckily SIP Scootershop did go, making the long road trip to the island all the way from their home in Landsberg, Southern Germany - respect ! You can read SIP's IOW rally report on their blog here plus their full photo album here

IsleofWightScooterRally2017-SIP 23

Other good reading is Sticky's 'All Creatures Great & Small' inspired Isle of Wight investigation, available on the SLUK website as well as their Rallery fotos - here

IsleofWightScooterRally2017-SIP 9

The IOW rally also hosted the launch of Issue 3 of excellent new scooter mag ScooterNova if you haven't already got your copy, you can get it online along with back issues of Nos 1 & 2 here

IsleofWightScooterRally2017-SIP 183

IsleofWightScooterRally2017-SIP 141

Check out SIP's short film taken while on the island below...

Until next year and if the predicted weather is anything like this year I might have to make an increased effort to go.. unless I get ensconced as I did below at the Square & Compass pub drinking their fine, strong cider along with their famous meat or veg pasties - cheers !


Brad's GS


Shot with Hasselblad 500C on expired Fuji 120 film

I photographed this GS150 earlier in March this year, after being asked to by Andy Gillard, editor/publisher of ScooterNova magazine for an upcoming feature he was writing. This stunning Andre Baldet style VS5 has been immaculately refurbished and restored jointly by The London Scooter Bodyshop and Retrospective Scooters and has been treated to a 12V Pinasco ignition system and upgraded Dellorto carb. Now that Issue 3 of ScooterNova magazine has officially landed, you can read Andy's full write-up by buying the latest issue or subscribing here

You can also view the full set of film shots I took on my Olympus OM-2N and a friend's Hasselblad 500C here The larger negatives produced by the 120 film in the Hasselblad 500C give an increased clarity and detail compared to the 35mm film used in my Olympus OM-2N - making the 500C an ideal camera to shoot such an iconic subject. It is a very special camera and a joy to use but the frames are very precious with only twelve in each roll of 120 film; making shooting a very timely and considered process. The resulting square photographs show up perfectly the glass-like paintwork, painstakingly matched and expertly laid on by Dave Maher of The London Scooter Bodyshop

Thanks to ScooterNova magazine, The London Scooter Bodyshop, Retrospective Scooters and owner Bradley Hall for letting me photograph this jaw-dropping GS ; }


Scooterboys - Report in German Mag "STERN" 1989

Interesting reading.. check out this period article on the SIP Scootershop blog - here

old vespa, La barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain

old vespa, La barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain

Canon EOS 6D
EF50mm f/1.8 II
50.0 mm
iso 1250

Beautiful shot taken by Gaby of Rage Studios

Rage Studios YouTube channel here

Vespa Spagnola

Vespa in Spain

Nice shot taken by Daniil Anohil in Alicante. In the UK this model was the MK1 T5, not sure if was the same in Spain..

Thanks for sharing Daniil ; )


ScooterNova magazine - issue 3

Issue 3 of ScooterNova magazine will be published on 23rd August, read all about what you can expect in the next installment of this great new scooter mag here



Nice portrait taken by Hoang John, not entirely sure where, Vietnam I would say..

Thanks for sharing John ; )


Original paint Rally 200


Shot this lovely, original condition Vespa Rally 200 at Retrospective Scooters in June earlier this year, which was there for some routine maintenance..


...what struck me was the condition of this bike, registered from new in the UK from 1975, so now forty two years old. Given the weather over here and the salty winter roads, this has done remarkably well to survive in such good condition; most original UK vespas from this era are either rotten or restored, or decent original paint examples are imports, like my own Spanish Motovespa GT160 ...


A lovely subject indeed and all the better for photographing on 35mm film with my Olympus ON-2N, check out the full album of shots I took - here


If you'd like some quality film photos taken of your ride, get in touch..


Andiamo !

Andiamo !

I do like a nice Ape shot; this being a great example taken by Stefaan Van Laethem in Osimo, Marche, Italy - love this excellent candid capture..

Thanks for sharing Stefaan ; )


Wessex Scooters' Douglas Vespa 92L2 Bollag Motos Demonstrator - SLUK Feature


Following on from previous post, here are the photos I took for ScooterLab.UK feature on Wessex Scooters' Bollag Motos kitted Douglas 92L2 demonstrator - read the SLUK article in full here


View the full album of 35mm film photos I took here Thanks again to Roger Green & Neil Humphrey of Wessex Scooters and Iggy Grainger at SLUK


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