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WVD 2014


Nice shot taken by Laurence Dunford at 2014's World Vespa Days in Mantova, Italia

Thanks for sharing Laurence ; )


vespa dude


Nice shot taken by Wayne in Hong Kong  - thanks for sharing Wayne ; )

More scooter shots from Wayne here

In Vespa al belvedere

In Vespa al belvedere

Views don't come much better than this...!!

Great vista taken by Marco Seddone in Valle del Cedrino, Sardegna

Grazie for sharing Marco ; )

Vespa GS150

click foto to view large

Not a bad little line-up is it...?!

Nice shot taken by glmods - thanks for sharing ; )


ScooterNova - what a scooter magazine should be ..

"You might be accustomed as to what you think a scooter publication looks like."    

ScooterNova want to change that... read on here

Issue One of ScooterNova - new bi-monthly scooter magazine is still available to order with Issue Two out at the beginning of July - subscribe securely online here

"ScooterNova is for scooterists, by scooterists. It's about the scooters, the rider, the journey, your next destination."

Vespa P200E

Vespa P200E

Great shot, nicely composed by Ugajin Tohru in Japan

SIP Open Day 2017 fotos

SIP Open Day 2017 101

A few more nice shots taken by the SIP crew at their open day on 6th May in Landsberg am Lech...

SIP Open Day 2017 45

SIP Open Day 2017 77

Check out SIP's full 2017 open day album on Flickr  - here

SIP Open Day 2017 73

DIY Vespa clip

DIY Vespa Clip

Like this ... not sure if these paperclips are for sale, looking good though. 

Film foto by C Disegna - Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F/Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 2,4/35 + Fomapan400 in FomadonLQR 1+10 7min@20°


SIP Trip 2017

SIP Open Day 2017 11 spotted hard at work by SIP's photographer 

Got back home on Sunday after probably one of my best weekends ever after visiting SIP Scootershop's open day on Saturday 6th May. I was there from Thursday and was great catching up with old friends and making new ones too..!

On the way to SIP I took in the Porsche museum at Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, as well as getting to photograph and drive my friend's gorgeous '75 Alfa Romeo Montreal

I will hold back the 35mm film shots I took at the SIP open day as some will be included along with my written report in the upcoming second issue of ScooterNova magazine, so keep watching this space and get your orders in now for Issue 2 of ScooterNova, coming out at beginning of July - it's going to be a good one !!


click foto to view large

A couple of phone shots I took on the Saturday.. 

click foto to view large

In the meantime check out the below albums of Saturday's excellent open day and from me a massive thanks to: Ralf, Angie, Poldi, Dani, Stas, Viktoria, Iggy, Lana, Konstantin, Jorge, Franck, Marinko, Salvatore, Martin, Moritz, Christian, Alex, Uwe, Mikhail, Henry, Joubert, Aullivie, Gabriel, Mohd, Raiz, Zarrin and all at SIP Scootershop, hope to see you all again next year, if not before ; )

Foto albums


Vespa Napoletana

click foto to view large - © Raffaele De Gregorio

Nice shot taken by Raffaele De Gregorio in Naples, another shot in colour here

Grazie for sharing Raffaele ; )



Spotted this very nice 1975 911S on the ride in to work this morning; I saw it pull up so was able to get a quick phone foto of it with my orange scoot.

Working the bank holiday is a drag, so this was a bonus - up until I got soaked in a downpour during the last 5 minutes of my otherwise dry commute !

Similar themed shot I took a while back - here




Got the film shots back today that I took of this beautiful Maserati Mistral spider, see previous post here

See the other Mistral shots in my classic cars 35mm film album here


vespa di fiori

Beautiful smallframe vespa shot taken by Suguru Yamada in Japan, thanks for sharing Suguru ; )


Stretched vespa

Vespa is abit rare these days, so why dont shoot one when you see it

Nice shot of this 'adapted' vespa taken in Jakarta, Indonesia by Denny Pranoto

Thanks for sharing Denny ; )

There is an interesting article on the Indonesian cult of customising/modifying classic scooters in Issue One of ScooterNova magazine and am not talking about a few lights and mirrors..!

S.I.P. Scootershop Open Day 2017

Details on SIP's FB event page - here


vespa 125 GTR

vespa 125 GTR
vespa 125 GTR
vespa 125GTR

Lovely shots taken by Ugajin Tohru in Japan; not seen this colour on a GTR before but it looks like original condition paint..

Thanks for sharing Uga ; )

Ugajin's vespa parts website here -

The Vespas That Time Forgot...


Retrospective Scooters were recently contacted by a builder who was working on the former site of the Douglas Kingswood factory in Bristol, where vespas were produced under licence from Piaggio.

When demolishing a floor to start work on foundations for new housing, the builder came across a bricked up basement with twelve Douglas Vespa 92L2 frames, still in their original red primer. Unfortunately three of the frames were crushed by the concrete debris that rained down on them, one has since gone 'missing' but the remaining eight were relatively okay. After receiving a few initial offers for the frames, the builder contacted Retrospective who eventually relieved him of the sought after frames.

Many of them are wearing surface rust after years sitting in their 'tomb' but nothing too serious that can't be sorted, once London Scooter Bodyshop and Retrospective Scooters get to work on them.

What a great story - it brings to mind Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb.

You can read the full story and see additional photos taken on site in Bristol in Issue One of ScooterNova magazine Additionally, you can see the full set of 35mm film shots I took of these vespa frames at Retrospective Scooters/The London Scooter Bodyshop here


Vinyl Revival


A good friend couldn't house this vintage DYNATRON stereo cabinet with in-built Garrard turntable and asked my other half & I if we'd like it..

A lovely thing... think it needs a new belt drive for the turntable and hopefully we'll soon have it working. Need to dig out our old vinyl; am already thinking what to play first - currently it's a toss up between Jimi's Electric Ladyland or Abbey Road..


Resurrected Sprint

Phone shots above of nicely restored Vespa Sprint seen at Retrospective Scooters/The London ScooterBodyshop the other day,  painted in the classic VBB metallic blue - the owner wanted a change after having it for years in the original Sprint silver. 

Was chatting with LSB's owner who was saying virtually half the original frame was rotten and had to be cut out and replaced with welded-in new metal panels. You can see a film shot I took below of discarded, rotten metal panels..


..followed by another shot below of frame (PX, not the Sprint from above) in a jig so it can be welded back together with the new metal. If not held securely in place the metal would literally be like jelly...

Prepping for paint

...once the welding and re-construction has been completed, the frames are shot-blasted and readied for painting below. I make this sound straightforward but pattern replacement panels often need a good deal of time spent manipulating and fettling them to get the fit and lines perfect, which takes someone with the necessary know-how and skills..



Niall (Retrospective) and Dave (London Scooter Bodyshop) say that customers will choke on a sharp intake of breath, when told a fully restored scooter starts at over £5000 and that's say for a Sprint or Super, you could double it thereabouts for a GS150. Granted these can often be phone customers who haven't been to the workshops, based in North East London. Unless taking the time to visit, walk around and speak to Niall and Dave and fully understand what goes into a 'proper' restoration, people fail to comprehend how these 'cheap' Italian shopping bikes can be so expensive. As with anything in life; no matter which way you try to spin it, you always get what you pay for and as Dave mentioned, owning a fully restored scooter these days has increasingly become a luxury.

For more on the phenomenon of the £5K scooter, read on here on Retrospective's website.

ScooterNova magazine has arrived..

Brand new scooter magazine, ScooterNova is being officially launched at this Easter weekend's BSRA Scarborough scooter rally. Those who have placed online subscriptions to the mag from overseas and in the UK will be receiving the first issue over the weekend/early next week. Read more on the ScooterNova blog here

If you would like to place an order for this exciting new scooter magazine, click here


Setting Spring sun

Setting Spring sun

Taken through our kitchen window at home the other evening with my Olympus OM-2N on Fuji Superia 35mm film - the tones, textures, subtleties and flare pretty much sum up why I persevere using film over digital.

It doesn't always come off but when it does, the results can be something else..

Part of my scrapbook film album here

Original MKII GS160


Took a few film shots of this beautifully straight, UK registered second series GS160 in it's original paint.

Taken on Fuji Superia with my Olympus OM-2N on a visit last week to Retrospective Scooters. This GS has now been sold to a collector who's already considerable collection at the time, I photographed for the second edition of my Retrospective Scooters book

It was a particularly sunny day last Friday when I took these and despite me positioning the scoot in the shade of the red shipping container, are a tad bleached out and lacking in contrast. A bit of a shame but composition-wise a few of these I'm quite pleased with; the above being my favourite shot. The portrait shot, composed to illustrate the distinct tapered shape of the front mudguard/fender is also not bad - see full set here

camera phone shot


BOLT re-launch

BOLT have moved, check them out at their new home in Stoke Newington..

Some very nice shots taken by Mykola Romanovsky at Thursday's re-launch party here

Retro Racer

Winner of this year's Motoretta Giro Internazionale 2017 in NSW. #motorettagirointernazionale2017 #motorettagiro #vespa #doyouvespa #160gs #pieinthesky #nsw #saferiding

Winner of this year's Motoretta Giro Internazionale in New South Wales, Australia - photographed by Steve B

Shot of 2017's competitors also by Steve here

Thanks for sharing Steve ; )

Duality - Make Your Choice!

Duality - Make Your Choice!

Another lovely film shot from Wolfgang Plattner, this time of an Ape taken in the Lombardian town of Luino, Italy.

See recent post here

Thanks again Wolfgang ; )

Maserati Mistral

Made for sunny days...

Not seen one of these before at a Classic car event and never 'in the wild' as I did riding into work on the vespa today. This Maserati Mistral may be better visualized on the snaking curves of the Amalfi or Californian coastlines but made an appearance on this summer-like April morning in an old Hertfordshire market town.

The above shots were taken on iPhone but I also reeled off a few frames with my Olympus OM-2N film camera. A great start to the newly loaded 36 exp. film but will have to wait a while before seeing the results, unless I run into something equally as nice in the near future..

My cars album here all shots taken on 35mm film.


Dark Knight

Dark Knight

still-life Italian style at Maccagno/Lombardia (Italy)

Lovely film shot taken by Wolfgang Plattner, thanks for sharing Wolfgang ; )



click foto to view large

Great Spring shot by Marc Strick of his 53 vespa taken near Vlijmen, Holland. Really like what he's done with his early '60s vespa...


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