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book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link -

RETROSPECTIVE CYCLES book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link - here

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Piaggio: From the Heavens to the Earth

Great looking new book by Paolo Zanon charting the Vespa's history; written with Paolo having had full access to the Piaggio archives.

Expensive at £65 but I don't think there's another offering out there that's as definitive as this latest tome, not to mention the historical black & white archive photos..

Read ScooterLab UK's book review in full here the book is also available to order via SLUK here


1971 Carrera

1971 Carrera

Working as I do at a modern furniture store, selling expensive Italian, Scandinavian and German furniture, you get to see some flash motors from time to time. Being a classics fan, the modern Astons, Ferraris and Porsches etc I see don't do a lot for me but very occasionally something a bit more tasty turns up, like this beautiful '71 Porsche 911 Carrera with 'ducktail' rear spoiler and Fuchs alloys. The '70s yellow colour scheme suited this car perfectly and definitely pushed a few of my buttons!

I got a few 35mm film shots of this while the suitably glamorous looking young couple who turned up in it perused the furniture...

1971 Carrera

1971 Carrera

1971 Carrera

See more of my classic car 35mm film shots in my cars album here and film shots I took at Porsche's Zuffenhausen museum in May this year here


1958 Lambretta Li125 Framebreather


One of the shots I took recently of a friend's very nice original paint Framebreather; apparently a later example due to lack of slots on front of panels. Currently awaiting an engine rebuild; hope to get some more film shots of this lovely scooter once back together and on the road - loving that Firenze (Florence) sticker too..

See full album here


See more of my Lambretta 35mm film shots in album - here


SIP-Joyride-2017 - 120

You've got to hand it to SIP Scootershop, they certainly know how to put on a great event.. 

"Just before the summer holidays start everywhere, last weekend we held our traditional Joyride event; now in its 15th year! The date had been marked thickly on the calendar for a while; the weather report announced not too high temperatures but a majestic Bavarian white-blue sky greeted us on the day, despite the pouring rain we had the night before and into the early morning hours. This may have caused a few riders to stay at home, but nevertheless some 130 Vespa and Lambretta riders gathered at the SIP Headquarters and rode with us the approx. 80 km long tour from the river Lech around the Ammersee lake. The new route led through picturesque villages like Stadl and Rott and through the moors of the Erlwiesfilz to the Ammersee, and from there to the first stop at the beautiful Froschgartl beer garden. In the stunning Ammersee scenery, people could fill their stomachs at the BBQ and have some drinks until the group went up to the holy mountain, to the monastery Andechs where every rider received the blessing for an accident-free ride home from Father Valentin.

Between Pilsensee and Wörthsee we went through Inning and on to Greifenberg to Armin's vintage gas station, where Siperia host Salvatore took off his helmet and took up his Pizza peel, serving up wood fired pizza from the Pizza Ape. Beer, Spritz, pizza and good conversation in the warm afternoon sun - a perfect ending to another Joyride, until next year!"

SIP-Joyride-2017 - 152

Check out SIP's full album of fotos from their 2017 Joyride around Lake Ammersee - here

Faro Basso on 35mm film

'51 Vespa Faro Basso

Got my latest film developed yesterday which included these shots I took of friend Warren's lovely 1951 Italian import Faro Basso - see previous post

'51 Vespa Faro Basso

'51 Vespa Faro Basso

'51 Vespa Faro Basso

Warren is also the lucky owner of this Racer based on a Sei Giorni 6-Day Racer - the photos and feature I did on this are in the current issue (Issue 2) of ScooterNova magazine


Lazy sunny afternoon with a '51 Faro Basso

'51 Faro Basso

Spent the day with a couple of esteemed VVC (Veteran Vespa Club) friends - early start leaving West Herts and arriving in Brentwood around 10am on my 'old faithful' orange Motovespa.

First up was some urgent reconstruction surgery to my exhaust, carried out by Warren. It had been noticeably louder the last week and was breaking up after 4 years of heavy use. A new, replacement SIP Road 2.0 pipe I think is needed..


Untitled />

While Warren got to work I got reacquainted with his beautiful, original paint 1951 Faro Basso..

'51 Faro Basso

'51 Faro Basso

'51 Faro Basso

Appropriate clothing choice - SIP Scootershop wideframe t-shirt

After some fotos and a catch up over a few cups of coffee, we headed out for an afternoon's riding through some lovely Essex countryside and villages...



Hatfield Heath

... Warren being the obliging sort of chap he is, also let me have a quick spin on his low light..

'51 Faro Basso

'51 Faro Basso


'51 Faro Basso

.. before a last stop for coffee...


Matching Green

After bidding Warren & Roger adios, I rode back in the warm, late afternoon sun along leafy lanes and B-roads, arriving home in Hertfordshire around seven.

A great day's riding on old vespas and catching up with some classic vespa loving friends. I used last six frames of my current film on the Faro Basso, check back to see these in near future..

If classic, geared vespas are your thing, the Veteran Vespa Club is not a bad place to be...


Amerivespa 2011

Amerivespa Nola_ 27

Nice night shot by Dan Ciccone taken at 2011's Amerivespa, full album here

Fred & Ginger

Quick coffee stop at Fred & Ginger in Kings Langley on Wednesday...

Vespa Rally

click photo to view large

LOvely shot taken by Sally Dunford at the recent World Vespa Days Celle, while clinging to the back of a Vespa GTS - good work Sally, not that easy I imagine !

Another one of Sally's Celle shots here

PVSC 2017 Beyond Yinzerdome


A couple of great shots taken by Brian Bedell of 2 Stroke Buzz at Pittsburgh Vintage Scooter Club's 2017 Bandcamp; these really capture the atmosphere, more in Brian's full album here

Cheers for sharing Brian ; )


Check out Brian's website here -


Vespa Faro Basso "Trofeo della Baviera"

TrofeodellaBaviera2017 77

Some really great shots taken this weekend just gone, by Ralf Jodl of SIP Scootershop taking part in the first edition of the Trofeo Della Baviera, with all riders on wideframe vespas - check out the full album here and SIP's blog report here plus the excellent vid below..

SIP have also produced a cool, wideframe vespa t-shirt, expertly modeled here by Ralf !

I've only just bought my SIP large frame vespa t-shirt and am now going to have get one of these... thanks for that Ralf !

TrofeodellaBaviera2017 49

Link to SIP wideframe t-shirt - here


SIP Open Day 2017



I alluded to the excellent weekend I had back in early May when visiting Landsberg, Bavaria for SIP Scootershop's 2017 Open Day, in previous post here


Now that ScooterNova magazine issue 2 has been published (out yesterday), I can open up the album of 35mm film photos I shot during my long weekend visit. ScooterNova have included my written report of this excellent trip accompanied by a few fotos that I took - see the full album here While in Germany I also visited Porsche's Stuttgart museum and got to drive my friend Poldi's gorgeous '75 Alfa Romeo Montreal. So there are a few car shots to get past before you reach the scooters at SIP's open day... worth the wait I hope ; )

SIP Open Day 2017 11

To read my full report, you'll be wanting a copy of the latest ScooterNova magazine, issue 2 - helpfully available to order securely online or subscribe here


Warren's Racer


Without doubt, the nicest vespa (to date) that I've had the pleasure of photographing...

Taken earlier this year in April, I've kept this series of 35mm film shots back as the lovely folk over at ScooterNova magazine have used some of them in issue 2 of their excellent new scooter magazine (out today). Well chuffed to get them in such a great looking publication; the fotos look great printed on the magazine's quality paper stock, even if I do say so myself !

For the full album of shots I took on my Olympus OM-2N see here

A big thanks to Warren for letting me photograph his awesome ride ; )


Issue 2 of ScooterNova is out today, order your copy or subscribe online - here You will be able read all about this very impressive vespa and why it ticked all my scooter boxes, as well as a whole load of other classic scooter goodness, brought to you by the ever accommodating ScooterNova team!!

World Vespa Days - Celle 2017

I couldn't get to this year's World Vespa Days, staged last weekend but I knew a fair few vespa friends who were going. Jörg Hemker aka Hemi, who I met in 2015 at Maskes' classic vespa rally in Holland did go and wrote the excellent, following report of his experience for vespamore. Considering WVD was hosted in Celle, Germany, it seemed only fitting to ask a German Vespista friend to write this...

"Thursday, 22.06.17, today's weather forecast is predicting thunder and heavy rain in Northern Germany in the afternoon, therefore I decide to leave early morning for my trip to Vespa World Days. VWD was last held in Germany in 2000 and this year is being hosted by Vespa Club Celle. Celle is only 245km (152 miles) away from my home town, so it could not be much better. In addition, Vespa Club Celle are experts at planning Scooter events, having organised the Heide Treffen since 20 years now.

I leave Münster at 07.45 and by 08.15 it is already 25°C , the last few days have been really hot and today is the same. I drive across the countryside avoiding motorways and shortly after passing Osnabrück, I meet 3 scooterists from Osnabrück with a breakdown and stop to ask if they need any help. They already discovered the problem; one of them will return home and change scooter while the other two decide we will continue our trip together.

So we are now my GS200 (T5 frame with a 200cc engine, this was not sold in the UK), a tuned PX cutdown and a tuned Vespa Sprint. Due to my GS not being tuned, I really have to fight to stay with the others. It is getting darker and darker and the first raindrops start to fall but we manage to make it into Celle without any additional breakdowns. We arrive at CD Kaserne, which is a youth center in the heart of Celle that used to be a military barracks in the past and is the base for the WVD weekend. I check in to the hotel, which is only 2 km away from the event and then register myself for the World Days. Meanwhile the sky has become black and it is very windy, the registration closes as do all the tents! I visit my friends from the VCVD board who have pitched their tent next to the Vespa Club of Britain's tent and ask for shelter. Heavy rain starts and there is not much to do other than wait for it to pass. After a while the rain stops and I look around the site. There are some merchandise stalls, with an impressive display from Maskes Vespa Klassiekers over from the Netherlands, SCK (Scooter Center Koln) and a lot of catering, so everything you need is there.

"How German officials dress from the VCVD..!!"

Having registered I receive my welcome bag which besides the programme, includes a T-shirt and a WVD Celle metal badge. There is also a scooter parking area inside the barracks and everyone gets a numbered sticker that needs to be placed on their scooter. In addition you receive a bracelet with the same number on. Every time you want to leave the barracks, security people check if both numbers match, so that scooters do not get stolen - great idea! Around 2pm the VWD event is officially opened and the customary speeches start; we have Ingo, head of VC Celle, the mayor of Celle, Martin Stift, Head of Vespa world club and Uwe Bödicker, head of Vespa Club of Germany. Although there are a few speeches they are surpringsingly short and fresh.

I decide to park my scooter at the hotel and walk back to the VWD site. I get chatting and catch up with a lot of people and before I know it, it is already evening. During the evening the Vespa Club Germany has invited the heads of the various German Vespa clubs for a reception. The entertainment is across 2 rooms, one offering a live band, the other a Northern Soul allnighter and decide to opt for the allnighter and cannot remember getting back to my hotel - I do remember waking up with a hangover Friday morning though!

Once recovered, I headed back to CD Kaserne to get a closer look at the stalls and Vespa Museum, which I hadn't looked at on the first day. On all 3 days, there is the opportunity to book guided excursions and ride around the beautiful surroundings of Celle through the heath. There is also one big tour planned for Saturday where everyone can join in. I decide to only go for the tour on Saturday, having visited Celle many times before.

The Vespa museum is about 400m from CD Kaserne in an old horse breeding farm, a great venue for displaying old vespas. The scooters are presented in old horse stables, which is a nice touch. The focus of the exhibition is German Vespa models from the 1950s-60´s . After the war a lot of Vespas were built under license, so there is the chance to see a lot special Vespas produced by German manufacturers like Hoffmann and Messerschmitt and even one recovered from the sea bed! Back at CD Kaserne, a tombola sponsored by Scooter Center Koln starts up with the chance to win a restored, green Vespa 50 S. Within the vespa parking area, there are so many great Vespas to see, too many to describe them all in detail but the official numbers are 4200 people signed for tickets, swelled by the people who only came for the day. In the afternoon there is a Concours d´Elegance for the best combination of rider and vintage Scooter; first place going to Frank Thöle from Osnabrück with his Hoffmann Vespa.

In the evening I meet with some friends from the Los Piratos in Voerde, for dinner in Celle's beautiful old town. Celle only has around 80,000 inhabitants and with the temporary addition of 4200 scooterists, the city center is very crowded! The weather is warm and dry on Friday evening and we decide to stay in Celle's centre, leaving the live band and allnighter to others. Also, I had an early start as I was invited to join a vespa ride as a thank you to Celle's mayor on Saturday morning at 08:30. The mayor had made a lot of things possible for WVD, that normally would not be not possible!

At 08:30 on Saturday we meet up with other selected scooterists to go for a guided vespa giro through the old town of Celle. I'm sure not everyone in Celle was happy about such an event taking place at that time in the morning - Celle was 725 years old, so 725 scooterists went through the town!! The tour ended outside Celle at a large parking place, where all the other scooterists join us for the weekend's main vespa ride starting at 10:00. The reported numbers of participants from local Police vary between 5000 and 7000; the line of scooters was an incredible 7 km long!!! The ride was organised perfectly with the support of local police, including a police helicopter.

In the afternoon, the famous Vespa stunt show by Robin Davy and his acrobatic cohorts was held in the city centre on their Vespas from the 1950s... 

The evening began with the Gala Dinner and normally this is something that does not work at big events like these, but even here there was nothing to complain about. 20 cooks and 70 waiters made the evening perfect; the food was delicious, warm and on time. Respect is well deserved for them, if you consider that about 2000 full entry tickets were sold! The evening offered a swing band and a really good AC/DC cover band, as well again a Northern Soul allnighter on the second floor. So there was music for everyone and suited most tastes.

Photo: Mike Power - HEMI to left of shot

A marriage proposal...

... she said "yes" !!

On Sunday morning I wake up very early, the weather forecast was not very good and I decide to head back home. After one hour really heavy rain starts and riding is no longer much fun. However, I return home safe to Münster without incident but wet to the bone!

It was a really great event and I can only say "vielen dank" (thanks a lot) to Vespa Club Celle and all their supporters, you did an excellent job! Looking forward to returning to the Heide Treffen in 2018!"

Words and photos - Hemi / Jörg Hemker

Thanks so much Hemi for this!! A vespamore t-shirt will soon be winging its way to Münster by way of thanks ; )

Next year World Vespa Days will be coming to Belfast, Northern Ireland, I may see you there.. check out the official site - here


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