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Vyatka (Вятка) - restored by Retrospective Scooters & The London Scooter Bodyshop


Not an everyday scooter this.. and nice to see one up close. The only other Vyatka VP-150 I've seen belongs to Russian friend Stas, who brought his over to London World Vespa Days in 2012 from his home in St Petersburg..


Back in the 1950s the story goes that a Piaggio Vespa GS150 VS1 was procured by the Vyatskie Polyany Machine Building Plant. It was stripped down and meticulously examined before the company eventually came up with their own version which became the Vyatka or Вятка. Piaggio attempted to enforce their copyrights and patents at the time but to no avail, with their protestations falling on deaf ears and the Russians claiming theirs was an 'original' design...


The above example still has its original engine; similar to Piaggio's wide mount engines but in the absence of Vyatka parts has had a Piaggio crank and piston added. Other retained components include the engine casings, gearbox, barrel, kickstart and internal kickstart mechanism, while a Dellorto carburettor has been added with vespatronic 12V ignition. The rear rack is not original and was commissioned by the owner, as was the seat which is a tad over padded (again at owner's request); a shame as it does detract somewhat from the overall look..

Retrospective have worked their usual magic in getting the scooter mechanically A1 and Dave Maher of The London Scooter Bodyshop, has finished it off perfectly with his renown painting skills. There are some interesting details on the Vyatka which differ to a GS - these can be seen in the full album of film shots I took here


Russian Vyatka (Вятка) scooter restored and painted by Retrospective Scooters and The London Scooter Bodyshop.           

Photographed mid-September 2017 with my Olympus OM-2N on 35mm Fuji Superia film

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