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Xmas Scootering - gift ideas

Photo: ScooterNova magazine

Stuck for ideas on what to get the 'scooterlover' in your life...? Worry no more as below is a Santa's sack full of goodies that any discerning scooter owner or fan would want in their stocking come Xmas morning!!

First up is that trusty 'old chestnut' - the magazine subscription... top picks being the UK's bi-monthly ScooterNova magazine, penned by the erstwhile Andy Gillard - for my money 'the oracle' on all things scootering, a man with bottomless reservoirs of informed scooter knowledge and has an ear to the best contacts in the business, making for an excellent read with some large scale, decent photography, some of which I'm proud to say has been contributed by yours truly..

ScooterNova magazine year subscription from £30.00 up from France is Scooters & Style magazine - as the name suggests and in keeping with the French being renowned purveyors of style, this is a great looking quarterly magazine and now printed in English as well as French. Handy as my schoolboy French seems to diminish with the passing of each year..

Scooters & Style magazine year subscription from €27.01

.. Scooteristen from Svenska Skooterklubben requires you to be able to read Swedish (which I don't) and is the club's magazine for it's members - sign up/pay for membership here Despite having zero knowledge of Swedish I still like looking at this very nicely put together quarterly magazine, with some very good photography and printed on a matt, nice weight, quality paper - it is definitely up there in my mind, with the best scooter magazines that are around today...

Svenska Skooterklubben foreign membership - 32 €

... at this juncture it would be remiss of me not to mention the VVC Journal - the Veteran Vespa Club's quarterly magazine for it's members. I have recently taken on the editor's role and will be putting out my first issue (No.74 - Spring 2018) as editor at the end of January. Just £15.00 buys a year's VVC membership and if you do nothing else with your membership (3 club rallies a year, members' website section and Facebook page), you will receive 4 copies of the club magazine edited by me with some great reports, features and photography from around the world - not bad when a single scooter magazine is around £4 upwards a copy these days. Link to VVC membership here

VVC annual membership - from £15.00

Moving on and listed below is a festive selection box of treats, perfectly suited for that special scooter loving person...

As well as producing their own magazine, ScooterNova have added some nice accessories which are now available to buy, including this real leather key holder, which at £7.00 would make a great stocking filler..

ScooterNova shop - Xmas list would be complete without a good looking calendar; priced at $35.00 (inc. shipping to UK) this is produced by Scooterhelp in the US and features my own 35mm film photography alongside the exceptional work of German photographer, Christoph Gabler...

Scooterhelp calendar link here -

Motorliebe, holding up Germany's reputation as a great Scootering nation have produced this fine book of their tour of England, Scotland & Isle of Man by vespa and is priced at €24.90 see also their USA and Iceland vespa tour book titles..

Motorliebe shop -

...'Dutch Masters' Makes Vespa Klassiekers - home to without doubt the planet's coolest workshop-cum-collection/showroom of original paint scooters have a good offering of accessories on their website, from Vespa luggage hook keyrings to some very nice stickers to adorn your pride and joy..

Maskes online store - here

..on my own personal xmas wish list is this highly reflective jacket from ScooterLab UK (SLUK), priced at £55.00. Excellent for not only riding your scooter and being clearly seen at night but also when riding your bike and as a beacon/point of reference for finding your way back to your tent in the dark..

...also from SLUK (I've already invested in a copy) is vespa fan and historian, Paolo Zanon's excellent new book - Piaggio: From the Heavens to the Earth, full of many before now, unseen photographs, as well as letters from the Piaggio archive between Enrico Piaggio, Engineer Lanzara (historical director of the plant), Corradino d'Ascanio and other engineers. It's not cheap at £65.00 but is a collector's item for serious vespa fans.. £16.80 inc vat Disco Dez's adhesive straight number plate set would make a great present for you and your classic Lambretta...

Disco Dez Scooters online shop -

...last but very far from least are German friends, SIP Scootershop, with as you can imagine a veritable feast of  Xmas offerings which can be viewed in their Xmas Shop - here My standouts being the Landsberg scene SIP jigsaw puzzle at £11.46 before P&P, reminding me of my memorable visits to SIP and their excellent annual open day; the next one being planned for May 5, 2018..

..with a price of £20.49 pre-P&P, 'Enrico's Vespa' is a great book for the Vespa loving kid/big kid, with lovely illustrations by Elena Pongiglione and story by Mika Hahn and Robin Davy..

...and to finish; if you're still struggling with present ideas, you can always fall back on the time honoured 'gift voucher' and credit to them, SIP Scootershop have even got this covered with vouchers available to the value of €25, €50 or €100..

SIP vouchers - here 

Happy shopping...!! ; )

And PS, if you don't get what you want for Xmas, you know what to buy yourself..

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